Is it guaranteed that my In-car driving Instructor will be female?

Yes. At All Girls Driving School we ensure the safety, security, and comfort of all our female students and one of the ways in which we do this is by always ensuring an experienced and quality FEMALE instructor. 

Where does All Girls Driving School offer service?

For now we are currently offering in-car instruction in the York Region of Ontario, but we can and do arrange meeting-halfway options for students located outside our range! 

What does All Girls Driving School do to ensure safety and comfort for its students while learning?

While already guaranteeing an In-car female driving instructor, All Girls Driving School takes its student complaints very seriously. All instructors are prohibited from bringing anyone else inside the car both during and after the lesson. In addition to this, our school keeps a 100% female student policy as an added measure to avoid unsafe situations. 

Can Payment Plans be made for offered Packages?

Yes! Contact Us and set-up your payment plan today ❤️

Do I have to finish my online course before I start my In-car lessons?

As long as you have started your online course, you can start your in-car training alongside the online lessons. At All Girls Driving School, we allow our students the freedom of learning at their pace and when their schedule permits!

How does the online class work?

Our online classes require students to complete 20 hours of classwork along with 10 hours of home-link homework. Classes can be completed at your own time with a minimum of 4 days.   

Can I start the online courses before I turn 16?

Yes, you may start your e-Learning course a few months before you turn 16. The in-car lessons may only be completed after you have received your G1 license. 

When will I get my certificate?

You will earn your certificate after completing 20 hours of e-Learning theory, 10 hours of homework (home-link) and at least 10 hours of in-vehicle driving lessons.

What type of vehicle will I be learning in?

All Girls Driving School instructors most commonly use new model automatic transmission vehicles when teaching students.

Can I take a lesson to learn a specific skill?


Yes, we offer individual lessons for students looking for specific skills such as parking, intersections, or other driving skills. Please check the hourly rates on either the G Package or G2 Package !